Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Winter Wedding Outfits

Winter Wedding Outfits

It doesn't need to be harder dressing for a winter wedding - you just need to get a little

Winter white wedding dress and ring

creative with your outfit!

One of the hardest things when purchasing an outfit is buying for a different season - i.e. buying beach wear in the middle of winter, or buying winter clothing whilst the weather is still warm.

If it helps, do a little research about the weather and temperature at the wedding venue location - then picture a day when the weather has been similar. If it's likely to be sub-zero, then imagine it snowing and put your outfit together accordingly.

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

If you're keen on the more traditional look of summer styles , you can probably get away with wearing clothing designed for spring and autumn (fall) by wearing silk undergarments to keep you warm whilst keep your figure. 

Wearing a warm jacket or wool suit will ensure you look stylish but keep warmIf you're someone who dresses up to the nines, there are some awesome silk two piece outfits that will keep you warm as well as looking fabulously elegant. 

Designers such as Paule Vasseur really excell in these, though they're by no means at the lower end of the budget.  Some of the more stylish wool suits could look fabulous for wedding guests and be worn again for other occasions and are especially suitable for the grandmother of the bride or groom.

If you're wearing a dress, opt for fabrics that include natural fibres such as cotton, wool or linen, as these tend to hold the warmth better.  You'll also want to team your dress with a smart bolero, jacket or coat. 

This will depend on the details of the wedding - if you're exclusively going to be inside, you'll probably only wear your coat to keep you warm between the car and the church or wedding venue.    However, if there's likely to be photographs outside, you'll need to vamp it up a little so that you can manage to look both stylish and warm in the wedding photos!

Top tips include:-

  • buy a dress you can wear again for Christmas or cocktail parties
  • choose darker shades appropriate for fall and winter, such as browns, golds, purple, emeralds & deep blues
  • keep warm by wearing warm tights
  • consider wearing 3/4 length or full length sleeves
  • layer - rather than buying something new, try layering existing wardrobe items for warmth and style
  • wear a fabulous coat, cape or blazer - that you can wear and wear again for other occasions

The message is certainly that you don't need to sacrifice style to look fabulous at a winter wedding - have a wonderful time shopping for your outfit!


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