Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Petite Grandmother of the Bride Dresses

Petite Grandmother of the Bride

As a petite woman, you'll have a great choice of dresses & two piece outfits to wear to a wedding.

Petite woman wearing grandmother of the bride dress, happy and smiling

If you're considered a petite woman, usually under 5' 4" tall, you'll already have some idea of what styles work best for you.   You may have a long body and shorter legs, or a short torso with comparatively long legs.  

Most department stores have sections devoted to petite women, but you needn't limit your fashion search to just these, as it depends which part of your body you really consider is "petite".  It may well be possible to buy a dress and jacket and simply have the sleeve length adjusted, for example.

Check out stores like ASOS and Nordstrom to see what's available online and to find inspiration for colors and styles that you feel drawn to.

One piece of headwear that can look particularly flattering on a petite lady is the fascinator - a relative newcomer to the wedding scene, but now very popular. 

Style Tips for the Petite Woman

Here's some simple tips to help you successfully make the most of your figure:-

  • keep the same colour right through, from your blouse, jacket & skirt - petite women should not use color blocks
  • if you don't have much of a waist - create one with belts, and tailored jackets or coats
  • small boobs? no plunging necklines for you, but high necklines will look elegant and flatter
  • empire line dresses can look fab on the smaller figure
  • block colours work well, rather than colors with lots of detail
  • wear classic, elegant lines that complement your personal style

Another great tip for looking ten years younger is to wear colors that flatter you. 

If you don't know what colors you look best in, either ask a friend whose opinion you trust, or try on a handful of outfits and see which shades seem to make the most of your complexion and enhance your skin tone.


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