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Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

Struggling to find an original idea for your wedding gift?

wedding day gift - ideas for choosing & wrapping

For grandparents and parents, often the bride and groom will sometimes ask for a single item.  This could range from something for the kitchen (e.g. food processor) to larger items such as washing machine, fridge-freezer.  If they've registered, you wish to view the registry gift list and choose one or several items. 

Some grandmothers like to also give a personalised or special wedding day gift to their granddaughter - it could be something as simple as an embroidered handkerchief to one of your own vintage pieces of jewelery that you wish to hand down through the family.  Depending on your own situation, you may wish to give cash to help the happy couple establish themselves in their own home. 

If you're worried about blowing the budget, remember it's not always the best and the biggest gift that will be remembered, sometimes it is the unusual or creative presents that are talked about and treasured.

Traditional Wedding Gifts

It's a long-standing tradition for the engaged couple to have a registry gift list that their guests can choose from. Of course, this is made even easier with the internet as guests can often go online, pay for the gift and have it delivered - without even seeing what they have bought or wrapping it!

Different cultures have widely differing traditions when it comes to the wedding itself - this includes gifts. For some cultures, the giving of money to the bride & groom at the engagement or wedding party is enjoyed & expected.

Personalised Gifts

For guests looking to offer something a little different - perhaps for the couple who already have everything, sites like Zazzle and Not on the High Street offer a range of creative presents that it's possible to personalize or monogram.

Some of the best ideas we've seen include personalised cushions, a house sign,  married life aprons or personalized wedding keepsake pictures.  Of course, you either make or buy these, but the bride is sure to treasure your well thought out present.

Unusual Wedding Gifts

For something a little unusual or that one-off unique present, consider one-off gifts of sculpture or paintings, bespoke art, a plate signed by the wedding guests, to something more eclectic like a retro phone, hand decorated chair or a stylish Bugatti toaster? 

Recommended Stores

Etsy - for unique, personalized or hand-crafted items

Not on the High Street - UK based offers unusual and different gift items from hundreds of unique stores

Zazzle  - US based offers the opportunity to add initials, monogram or personalize just about any item of clothing or household equipment


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