Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Grandmother of the Bride Suits

Grandmother of the Bride Suits

There are some wonderful designers, including Paule Vasseur, who have

it's still tradition for the grandmother of the bride to wear a smart suit as part of the wedding party

created some stunning two piece suits for the mother or the grandmother of the bride.

The suit is one of the traditional formal looks for key members of the wedding party - such as the mothers of the bride and groom, as well as the grandmothers.

Another key & popular formal look is the mother of the bride dress teamed with a smart jacket.  This can look just as elegant with or without the jacket, but can be especially suitable for spring and autumn (fall) weddings when the weather is cooler or uncertain.

In addition, it's becoming increasingly acceptable for grandmothers to wear pant suits to their granddaughter's wedding.   A number of fashion designers are now offering elegant three piece pantsuits in soft flowing fabrics with elaborate detailing, especially suitable for a special occasion.  It's also an option for older wedding guests who are more concerned about comfort than style.

Finding the Perfect Suit

Traditionally the bride's grandmother wears a matching two piece suit, with a wide-brimmed hat. 

Weddings are formal occasions, where suits are essential for men and optional for womenThe formal suit or "church"-style suit is not something you'll often find in a regular store.  

Some of the best places to shop can be the larger department stores in towns or cities, or the small boutique style stores that specialise in special occasion wear, as well as "mother of the bride" style outfits.  

You may also be possible to purchase online, but you'll need to be sure of your size and check the stores returns policy. 

One of the easiest options if you like an outfit in an online store is to order it in two sizes, if you're unsure of your size, to save time and avoid paying for two sets of postage and packing.

Styles For Your Body Shape

What style you opt for will depend on your body shape. 

Curvy ladies may prefer to wear a jacket with a 'flip' skirt, that is a flared skirt that shows off their curves.  A tailored jacket, shaped for your waist, can emphasis your curves, as can a waist belt.  Avoid wearing big patterns on your top half

Petite women can look great in figure hugging short pencil style skirts and boxey jackets.   Wear all the same colour or shade can give the illusion of height and look elegant and stylish.

If you're not sure what works for you, try on a few shapes and styles, and it'll soon become clear.  Some styles will simply make you look fat and feel ugly, whilst others will make you feel young and fabulous - those are the ones to buy!


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