Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Grandmother of the Bride Outfits

Grandmother of the Bride Outfits

Finding the perfect outfit for your granddaughter's wedding day may take more than one shopping trip - but you know it'll be worth every minute.

Grandmother formal outfit with red jacket

It's traditional that the mothers and grandmother of the bride and groom wear a stunning & stylish outfit - one that's head-turning and elegant.

For your granddaughter's wedding, you'll want to look great and feel comfortable.  There's three different outfit styles you might like to consider - a dress and jacket, a two piece suit or a pant suit.

In fact, modern grandmother & mother of the bride outfits are a unique creation of their own.  Designers, such as Paule Vasseur, offer some fabulous formal two piece outfits and dresses in heavy pure silks and beautifully embroidered.

Grandmother watches her granddaughter getting marriedSome of these more formal designers clothing retails for a full price over a thousand dollars, which is a sum not to be a sneezed at.  You may prefer to wear a more modest outfit and spend more on the wedding gift

Traditional special occasion outfitters, Jacques Vert, offer some wonderful matching two piece outfits, with accessories in matching shades at a rather more achievable budget. 

There are plenty of fabulous style options you prefer a less formal style of clothing. Consider buying an evening dress, or an elegant blouse and long skirt, as your formal outfit of choice.

Outfit Ideas

Still stuck for ideas for outfits?  Browse the online stores to see what shades and styles are in fashion this season. 

Consider what season the wedding will be in, you can expect to need a jacket if it's spring or autumn.  For summer weddings wearing a formal dress, teamed with bolero and fascinator could be a stunning choice.

Whatever style you prefer, as grandmother you can expect to be indulged a little and flattered a lot!  If you choose something that you know the bride will be happy with and that you will enjoy wearing, you won't go far wrong.

Wise Buying

One thing to mention, it's not unusual to have a crisis of confidence about what you've bought, so be sure to hang on to the receipts and check the returns policy before your purchase or leave the store.

If you're having a bit of a panic about your outfit, ask a friend or family member to give you an honest opinion of how you look in it. This is almost certain to calm your nerves and reassure you that you've made the right choice after all.

Quick buying tips - if you're fairly short, wearing matching colours or shades can help give the illusion of height. For tall women, wearing contrasting colours can help show off your body proportions.

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