Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Evening Wedding Outfit Ideas

Evening Wedding Outfit Ideas

What is dress protocol for an evening wedding?

With the formality of wedding dress being dictated by the time of day, many people are unaware that an evening wedding requires a more formal dress code than a daytime one.

An evening wedding would be one that takes place after 6pm or during the hours of darkness. With the increase in options for wedding venues and times, couples are opting for an evening celebration because it can feel even more romantic.

Of course, whatever you choose to wear, the key is not to outshine or compete with the bride's gown.

Grandmother's Evening Outfits

As the grandmother of the bride, you'll be expected to wear a formal outfit, but there are several options open to you.

It's increasingly acceptable for grandmother's to wear pant suits, which many women find more comfortable and forgiving of one's figure.  This can allow you to have your choice of footwear - either comfortable flat shoes or height-giving heels.

Another popular tradition is to wear a two or three piece church-style suit in matching shades or tones.  You can find these in the special occasion stores that specialise in mother of the bride outfits.

Alternatively you can wear a simple dress teamed with a jacket. Whilst this can be slightly less formal, with the right choice of dress this can create a truly fabulous look.


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