Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Wedding Hats, Fascinators & Accessories

Wedding Hats, Fascinators & Accessories

To completely look the part as a wedding guest, it's essential to accessorise your outfit

Stunning wide-brimmed wedding hat in black and white

well, choosing and wearing the right shoes or sandals, hat or fascinator, and jewelry. 

Getting The Basics Right

It's important to start with the outfit that you're wearing and then add to it with careful accessorising.

For the more unusual shades or colors, if you can it can be helpful to buy most of your accessories at the same store, as often they offer shoes, bags and even headwear in co-ordinating shades or colors.

However, most people will see a dress or outfit that they love, buy it, and a little while later start shopping for the bag, shoes & hat to match.

Hats & Footwear

One of the most difficult things to match is your hat. a simple way to create a Give yourself 
time to find accessories to match or complement your outfit"matching" or complementary color or shade is to take a simple straw or plain hat and add a ribbon in the appropriate color. 

This creative approach can be also serve as a great, "green" & economical way to re-use a favorite hat, giving it a slightly different look for each wedding or special occasion.

Shoes or sandals can be easier to find - as you can choose a shade or two lighter or darker and they are not in such great proximity to what you are wearing.  Alternatively you might wish to buy some silk shoes and hand-dye them to match your outfit.

The Perfect Jewelry

Finally, do consider what jewelry you will be wearing - there's nothing worse than waking up on the morning of the wedding and realising that you haven't got anything that will complement what you're planning to wear!  A little advance warning and you can find a pretty pair of earrings and necklace of the right shape, size and length to set off your outfit perfectly.

Putting Your Outfit Together

Have a rehearsal - get a friend round a couple of weeks before the wedding day and try on the entire outfit.  An honest opinion now can really help ensure that your confidence is feeling boosted and you're feeling on best form for what will no doubt be an exciting day.


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