Finding the right outfit or dress for the grandmothers of the bride.

Formal Church Suits

Formal Church Suits

A formal two piece suit is a popular choice for the mother and the grandmother of the bride.

The final touch for your two piece suit - the wedding corsage

Church suits are formal  wear that are perfect for wearing on Sundays, church, special occasions and formal events, such as weddings.   They're quite different from the business or executive suit in that they're more dressy and stylish, often with some style of embellishment.

Whether you're tall or petite, there's a two piece church suit style that'll work for you.  Tall women can wear an elegant long jacket teamed with a flippy long skirt for best effect.  Petite women can wear a shorter boxy jacket, teamed with an above the knee skirt for a great look.  The two piece can also work for women in plus sizes

When buying ahead for a wedding date, consider the likely temperature range for that time of year and location.  It's difficult to buy a linen or cotton outfit when you're shopping in the cold weather of March, but it's important to make the right fabric choice to keep you cool and unflustered for your granddaughter's special day! 

grandmother of the bride in lightweight summer suitFor summer, consider cooler, natural fabrics, such as silk, linen or cotton, some georgette styles may also work.  For winter, consider wool-mix suits, knits and thicker fabrics.  For spring and fall, choose an outfit where you're happy to wear the jacket for photos, but have a lovely top that works well for relaxing a little at the reception. 

Some grandmothers wonder what shades are appropriate, the answer is pretty much anything except white or cream, as you don't want to look as if you're competing with the bride.  

Great colors include some fabulous pastel shades, from champagne, pale pinks, greens and violets.  If you prefer stronger colours, look for golds, vivid pinks and greens or purples.  As the grandmother of the bride, you are one of the few wedding guests who can wear pretty much any color - you're expected to stand out and be noticed!

Look for collections such as Ben Marc, Donna Vinci, Misty Lane, Frank Usher, Lisa Renee or knits by Milano if you're shopping online.   If you're shopping in stores, designer labels include Paule Vasseur and Burberry for some of the most elegant, formal looks.   Other online stores worth a visit are Women's Suits, Express UR Way and Yes U Fashions, the latter two offer a range of plus sizes.

Often stores offering church suits will offer a matching hat and even purse in exactly the right shade.  If the color or shade are unusual, this can save you literally hours or days of shopping, so can be a wise choice.

Elegance is the key, so team with some heeled shoes or sandals.  The church suit is a timeless formal style that doesn't grow old and is perfect for 2012. 

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